Patricia MacKinnon-Day multi media exhibition at Abbot Hall

Patricia MacKinnon-Day: Tracing the Landscape: Cumbrian Farm Women

Tracing the Landscape: Cumbrian Farm Women
Friday 2 March - Saturday 9 June 2018

Women who make their mark in the male-dominated world of farming are the focus of this new exhibition.

The multi-media exhibition by artist Patricia MacKinnon-Day has been commissioned by Lakeland Arts.

Patricia spent a year with five farm women from across Cumbria. Aged between 30 and 80, some have managed farms for generations, others are newer to the sector. 

During the exhibition visitors will immerse themselves in the stories of these five farm women by entering specially created sheds in the Gallery to watch individual films about their lives. 

A play on all the senses, each shed will feature historic agricultural objects from the Museum of Lakeland Life & Industry, part of Lakeland Arts collections, as well as possessions and materials chosen by the women.

Tracing the Landscape: Cumbrian Farm Women examines female roles in farming, their hopes, frustrations and place in an industry often seen as a ‘man’s world’. They each have wide-ranging, passionate and differing views on their industry, but are united as women farmers.

Patricia MacKinnon-Day said: “To these five women, farming is not a job but a way of life. It is in their blood. Male voices around farming are well-documented, however women are often overlooked. Women farmers always seem pushed into the background. I wanted to bring the stories of this often marginalised group to the fore.”

The 2018 Lakeland Arts’ programme of exhibitions and events links to the national celebrations surrounding the Representation of the People Act 1918 which allowed women to vote for the first time in Britain, highlighting gender discrimination in the art world.

Tracing the Landscape blog

Liverpool writer Natalie Hughes has been visiting the women who star in Tracing the Landscape - on her pushbike. Read her excellent blog

Natalie Hughes is a freelance writer. Her interests lie in the overlooked areas or the forgotten histories of every day life. Nothing is stranger than normal.

Patricia MacKinnon-Day invited Natalie to ‘add another layer’ to Tracing The Landscape: Cumbrian Farm Women. Since then Natalie has been cycling around Cumbria, eating soup with farmer Joyce Dalton, learning about the ancient language living in agricultural slang and how milk makes great soap.

Recipes from the Cumbrian Farm Women

As part of the exhibition, the five farm women have shared their own recipes with us. Each week, one of these recipes will be prepared and available in The Bakestone cafe. If you would like to make these recipes at home you can, download them here.

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