Patricia MacKinnon-Day multi media exhibition at Abbot Hall

Patricia MacKinnon-Day: Tracing the Landscape

Tracing the Landscape: Cumbrian Farm Women
Friday 2 March - Saturday 9 June 2018

Artist Patricia MacKinnon-Day was born in Glasgow. She studied Fine Art at Liverpool School of Art before completing an MA at the Royal College of Art, London.

Patricia MacKinnon-Day has created a series of exhibitions and site-intervention projects both nationally and internationally. Her artistic process involves excavating and investigating layers of a place over a period of time. In collaboration with five Cumbrian farm women, MacKinnon-Day has developed a new multi-media art installation at Abbot Hall Art Gallery that explores Cumbrian communities.

Some historians have acknowledged the contribution made by wives of farmers in agrarian history. Until now no artist has attempted to examine in detail the lives of these women from their own perspective and to make that experience visible to a wider audience.

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