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Past Exhibitions

Over the years, Abbot Hall has developed an extremely popular and varied exhibition programme, which has helped it to gain its reputation as one of Britain’s finest small art galleries.

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Jul 2019 - Oct 2019 Ruskin, Turner & the Storm Cloud
Feb 2019 - Jun 2019 Refuge: The Art of Belonging
Mar 2019 - Jun 2019 Coming Home: Lady Anne Clifford


Nov 2018 - Feb 2019 Grayson Perry
Oct 2018 - Feb 2019: Alison Watt: A Shadow On The Blind
August - October 2018: Rodin: rethinking the fragment
June - September 2018: Elisabeth Frink: Fragility and Power
May - July 2018: Women of the Royal Academy RA250
March - June 2018: History of the Royal Academy RA250
March - June 2018: Tracing the Landscape: Cumbrian Farm Women
January - April 2018: Claude Monet, Haystacks: Snow Effect


October - February 2018: LAND | SEA | LIFE
July - December 2017: David Hockney, A Rake's Progress
July - October 2017: Painting Pop, Paintings from 1960s Britain
June - September 2017 - John Ruskin Display
April - July 2017: Julian Cooper: Paintings from 1970 to 2017
January - March 2017: George Shaw: My Back to Nature
January - March 2017: Works from the National Gallery


October - December 2016: People on Paper
October - December 2016: Paul Jenkins
July - October 2016: Winifred Nicholson in Cumberland
May - October 2016: London Legacy: Auerbach, Andrews and Freud
March - June 2016: Laura Ford: Seen and Unseen
March - May 2016: Rembrandt, Self Portrait at the Age of 63
March - May 2016: The Changing Face of Lady Anne Clifford
October 2015 - February 2016: Canaletto: Celebrating Britain


October 2015 - February 2016: Canaletto: Celebrating Britain
November - December 2015: New Expressions: Uta Kögelsberger
August - September 2015: Portrait of Melvyn Bragg by Conrad Atkinson
June - October 2015: Beyond St Ives
June - October 2015: Taking Flight: St Ives in the 1950s 
March - June 2015: The Aegean Suite by Barbara Hepworth
March - June 2015: Face Value: Portraiture from the Arts Council Collection
January - May 2015: WG Collingwood
January - March 2015: Reframing the Landscape
January - March 2015: Memorious Earth: A Longitudinal Study
January - March 2015: Boyle Family: Contemporary Archaeology


Patrick Caulfield
Kendal College Curates: Colour by Instinct
Not So Grim Up North
British Surrealism Unlocked: Works from the Sherwin Collection

Robin Ironside: Inner Eye
Modern Masters at Abbot Hall
Barbara Hepworth: Within the Landscape
The Great War in Comics
The Nuisance of Landscape: Grizedale - The Sequel
Grizedale Arts: Anchorhold


The Radev Collection: Bloomsbury & Beyond
Keith Grant: Frozen Light
Picasso’s Tête de Femme
Exultant Strangeness: Graham Sutherland Landscapes 
Bethan Huws & The Bistritsa Babi: ‘Singing for the Sea’ (1993)
Lynn Chadwick: Evolution in Sculpture
Uwe Wittwer: In The Middle Distance
Percy Kelly
Modern Materials: Abbot Hall’s British Sculpture Collection


Around the Lakes with Edward Lear
Work in Progress
Hughie O'Donoghue: Vivid Field
Keith Vaughan: Figures
Helen Petts: Throw Them Up and Let Them Sing
Francis Bacon to Paula Rego
Abbot Hall at Fifty
Turner and his Contemporaries: The Hickman Bacon Watercolour Collection


ARTIST ROOMS: Richard Long
Kitaj: Portraits and Reflections
Sheila Fell
Drawn from Life


Basil Beattie: Paintings from the Janus series II 2010
Mark Francis: Arena
The Loneliness of Lowry
The Barber Goes North: Treasures from The Barber Institute of Fine Arts, University of Birmingham
Thomas Bewick: Tale-pieces


David Nash: Drawings and Sculpture
Garry Fabian Miller: Time Passage
Robert Bevan and the Cumberland Market Group
Andrzej Jackowski: The Remembered Present


Frank Auerbach: Etchings and Drypoints 1954 - 2007
Craigie Aitchison: The Prints 1969 - 2008
A Continuous Line: Ben Nicholson in England
Prunella Clough


Howard Hodgkin: Prints
Maggi Hambling No Straight Lines: Waves and Waterfalls
Collecting the Past, Present & Future: Highlights of British Art From Turner to Freud


Morandi's Legacy: Influences on British Art
The Oliver Thompson Collection of British Watercolours
Drawing Inspiration: Contemporary British Drawing
David Bomberg: Spirit in the Mass


Wyndham Lewis: The Bone Beneath the Pulp
Pictures of Innocence: Children in 18th Century Portraiture
Sean Scully: Paintings and Works on Paper
Nicola Hicks: Sculpture, Drawing and Light
Freud, Auerbach, Hockney & Rego: Drawing on Copper and Stone


Celia Paul: Stillness
Walter Richard Sickert: The Human Canvas
John Duncan Fergusson: Living Paint
Lucian Freud: Etchings
Graham Sutherland as Printmaker
Paula Rego: Jane Eyre Lithographs


Tony Bevan - Works From Deptford, 1982 - 2002
Bruce Bernard: Artists and their Studios
Euan Uglow: Controlled Passion, Fifty Years of Painting


R.B.Kitaj: A survey of his printmaking 1964 - 2001
Bridget Riley: Silkscreen Prints 1962-2001
Fabric: Reinterpreting the House
Stanley Spencer: Love, Desire, Faith


Andy Goldsworthy: Photographic Works
Li Yuan-chia
Paula Rego: Celestinas House
Hughie O'Donoghue: Richer Dust


Paula Rego Open Secrets: Etchings and Recent Drawings
Goya: The Disparates
Edward Weston
Art of the Feltmaker
Edgar Holloway and Friends: an artist’s collection of prints from the thirties
The Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers Exhibition
Matisse: Jazz
Conrad Atkinson
Pottery by William Plumptre
Ruskin and the Light of Nature


Callum Innes
Ruskin Pottery
Watercolours from the Royal Collection


Bridget Riley: A Retrospective
Kitty North:  Landscape Paintings
Elizabeth Blackadder: Printmaker
Head First: Portraits from the Art Council's 20th Century Collection
Amanda Faulkner: Figurative Work
Picasso: Histoire Naturelle
John Swannell: 20 Years On
John Harden Gentle Pursuits in the Early 19th Century


Sublime Inspiration
Contemporary Sculpture by Alison Wilding
Contemporary Paintings by Eselle Thompson
Woodcuts and Etchings from the Gregynog Collection


Lucian Freud: Paintings and Etchings
The Cornish Torbock Bequest of Lake District Watercolours
James Hugonin
John Ruskin: Paintings & Etchings
Mary Newcomb


Permanent Collection
The Opening of Waterloo Bridge (Whitehall Stairs, June 18, 1817) by John Constable
L.S. Lowry: The Man and His Art
Pop Art Prints


Two Art Collections, Part 2: The Guy Howard Collection
The Walter Hussey Collection
A Royal Palette - Paintings by the Royal Family
Edgar Holloway
Designers and Dancers of the Ballets Russes


Wilhelmina Barnes-Graham
James Bateman, RA (1893-1959) Centenary Exhibition
Ivon Hutchens: Nudes
Kenneth Rowntree
Two Art Collections, Part 2: The Guy Howard Collection


Cherryl Hammer: Paintings and Sculpture
Victor Pasmore
Banks Head- A Painters' Place: Ben Nicholson, Winifred Nicholson, Ivon Hitchens, Christopher Wood &
Paul Nash
Peter Coker, R.A.
The Non Objective World


Holding Pattern: Ceramics by Sabina Teuteberg
Robin Wallace
Interwoven: New Scottish Tapestry
Paintings: Tim Appleby and Phil Morsman
A Tale of London Past: Archaeological Drawings by Beatrix Potter
Sheila Fell 1931-1979: A Retrospective
Jenny Grevatte: Still Life & Landscape Paintings
A Painter's Place - Banks Head, Cumberland in the 1920s
Cumbria Craft Guild: Third Annual Exhibition
Cherryl Hammer: Paintings and Sculpture


John Martin
Cheshire Textile Group
Maddi Nicholson: Wrestlers
Out of the Wood
Elizabeth Blackadder
Suzanne Bergne: Bowls
Patrick Procktor
Lady Anne Clifford: Proud Northern Lady
Cumbria Craft Guild Annual Exhibition
Holding Pattern: Ceramics by Sabina Teuteberg
Robin Wallace


Engraving Then & Now
"Through Women's Eyes..." Three Women Artists in the 20th Century, Dora Altounyan, Sheila Fell,
Margaret Harrison
Carnival in Venice
David Swift: Heavenly Bodies & Fabulous Beasts
Helen Bradley Retrospective
"The Nicholsons: A Story of Four People and their Designs"
Cumbria Craft Guild First Annual Exhibition
The Late Dr Howard's Collection of Contemporary British Paintings
Marry Potter Retrospective
Elizabeth Cottam: Wall Hangings and Mike Scott: The Greenwood Tree


Stephen Harris: Landscapes, Portraits and Life Drawings
Delmar Banner: Mountain Pantings, "Call to the Fells", Josephina de Vasconellos: Sculpture, "Perchance to Dream"
Veronica West: Watercolours of the Lake District, Charles Bray: New Glass on a Mountain Theme
The Horticultural Show: Art in the Garden: Victoria Crowe, Jennie Tuffs, Roy Wood, Paddy Ramsay,
Adrian Mason, Meg Falconer, Liz Kirk, Maggie Berkowitz, Victoria & Michael Eden, Jane Smith, Jane and
Robin Hansell
Animal Regalia: A Cavalcade of Animal Trappings for Horse, Donkey, Camel, Buffalo & Elephant from
the Middle and Far East
"Artists in the National Parks": Sponsored by the Department of the Environment
Sight Out of Mind: Charles Oakley, Joanne Collins & Paul Mason, Neil Ferber
Christmas Box: A mixed show of crafts suitable for Christmas Presents


Alfred Wainwright: An 80th Birthday Tribute, Colin Rose: Paintings, R.T. Cowern R.A.: Prints and Drawings,
Glass Showcase: Contemporary Hand-Blown Glass
Jenny Cowern, Raymond Higgs, Ron Dutton, Sonia Stangroom, Young Lacemakers Guild: Exhibition and
George Stubbs, Elizabeth Frink, Bobbie Cox, Embroideres Guild, Neil Ions
Kurt Schwitters, Wendy Ramshaw, Craft North Summer Exhibition
Donald Wilkinson, Ben Wilkinson, Keith Grant, Susan Foster
Derek Clarke, David Garland
Pieces of Eight
Art a la Carte: Derek Procktor, R. Boyes, Ian Steele, Anne Anderson, M.J.H. Greenland, Meryll Evans,
Christina Mettham Bingle


"Tin-glazed and Smoked Lustre" by Alan Craig Smith
Maggie Angus Berkowitz: Decorative Tile Panels
Carel Weight, Anne McEntengart: Paintings
Edward Wakeford: Paintings "Spirit of the Land": Ceramics and Paintings by Loma Graves
Edward Allington, Gareth Fischer: Sculpture, The Igneus Man: James Paul Kocsis
Theme of Tenderness: Ceramics, Watercolours and Drawings by Eric James Mellon
Willy Tirr: Paintings
India: 1001 Nights: Photographs by Roland & Sabrina Michaud. Orientra Textiles: Ikats from the
collection of Pip Rau
Beatrix Potter: Watercolour Illustrations, Tom Kitten, Jeremy Fisher, Jemima Puddleduck and Friends
Guy Barton: Paintings and Design of church embroidery, Pamela Izzard: Paintings, Celia Wright: Rugs,
hangings and textiles
Good Wood: Tony Isseyegh, Peter Howlett, John Coleman, Jakki Dehn, John Burr, Allan Glennie, Keith Maloney
Freedom and Discipline: Nancy Tingey
David Bates, Michael Bottomley, Joe Dias, Peter Downing, Lydia Hering, Tiana Marie, Mary Nicholson,
Kathleen Ovey, David Shaw, Tilly Van Rees


Cumbrian Connections: Sian Bowen-Cumbrian Landscapes, Jenny Mackness-Portraits Emphasising Abstract
Pattern, Derk Fye-Spatial Paintings, Christopher Jones-Structural Collage type paintings, Mary Spyrou-Textiles
Lene Bragger: Batiks
Susan Jameson: Watercolours and mezzotint
Daniel Keunen: Textiles
Malcolm York: Wood Sculpture
The Eveleigh Family: Jewellery and Paintings
Kendal Photographic Society 75th Anniversary
An American's Image of the Lake District: Paintings by Donald Anderson
Ceramics from Scotland: Work by Members of the Scottish Potters Association
The Other Hogarth: Paul Hogarth - Drawings, Lithographs & Watercolours 1954-84
Richard Long: Stone Constructions
Festival of Childhood: Children in Art, Contemporary Toys
New English Art Club: Liam Hanley-Paintings and Landscapes, Wharf Pottery-Mary Wondrausch
(sliptrailed earthenware), Susan Foster-Weavings
Northern Portrait Painters
Andrew Goldsworthy
Carolien Bagenal: Paintings of Nepal
Vicky Eden's Project: Thai Textiles


People and Places: Paintings by Avril Gilmore, Alec Karn, Panayiotis Kalorkoti
Shape Scape Ceramics: Elaine Dick
Edmond Kapp Memorial Exhibition
Patrick Heron: Paintings, Julia Manheim: Wirewear, Denise Bruce: Fine Art Knitwear
Textiles, Drawings & Photos by Kate Rosson
Crags, Fells & Forces by William Green (1760-1823)
Landscapes by Jim Billsborough
Jewellery by Peter Chatwin & Pamela Martin
David Hockney
Brian Plummer
George Romney: 250th Anniversary Exhibition (1734-1802) Drawings & Sketches and Paintings from the
Permanent Collection
The National Association of Guilds of Spinners, Weavers & Dyers
Word & Image: Works from the Collection of Manchester Education Authority
Josephine Da Vasconellos: Character Collection
Thomas Messel: Furniture, Drawings & Designs


Contemporary Paintings: Jim Cave, Jack Hellewell, Barrie Hesketh, Anthony Rossifer, Alice Sielle
Prints by Mark Wilson
Stoneware in the Chinese Style: Douglas & Morgan Ewen
Paintings by Russel Mills, Bill Peascod, John Sharp
Pictorial Pots by Yolande Beer
Liz Banks "Bathroom Fantasy": Contemporary Jewellery
Glynne Potter
20th Century People: Exhibition of Portraits of people who have shaped the history of 20th Century Britain
Paintings by Stephen Darbishire
Sculpture by Byron Howard
Pottery: George Cook Memorial Exhibition
The Last of the Beduin in Jordan
Paintings and Drawings by Patrick Millard
Beatrix Potter Exhibition
John Ruskin
The Garnetts and the Spinnery: based on the life and work of Annie Garnett
Important Acquisitions: Purchased and Gifts from our Permanent Collection


Kurt Schwitters in England
Portraits and Figure Sketches from A to Z (Alexander to Zoffany)
Line Drawings: by Professor J. Hull Grundy
William Havel Bi-Centenary Exhibition
Folk Art of West Bengal: Prints by Ying Yeung Li, Paintings by Julie Cheng
A Selection from the Permanent Collection
Julius Caesar Ibetson (1759-1817)
Agateware by Kathryn Lawrence
Harveys of Bristol: History of Wine Collection
400 Years of Cumbrian Painting
Aeroplanes by Pamela Drew
Modern Turkish Painting
A Tribute to Winifred Nicholson
Trains by Josephine Whitehead
Watercolours and Ceramics by Anna Adams


Paintings by Alan Tinley, Eric Gilboy, Alan Thompson and Mary Kent Harrison
"Threads for Life": the work of Lancashire and Lakes Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers
Sam Bough & W.J. Blacklock: a fresh appraisal
Jewellery by Carol Hare
Italian Old Masters
Exhibition of Japanese Prints
The Studio Movement: Artist Potters 1870-1939
Kendal Art Society: The Golden Jubilee
Recent Paintings by G.W. Smethurst
"The Spirit of Scotland": Paintings by Contemporary Scottish Painters
A Tribute to Sheila Fell: her and L.S. Lowry's work
"The Imaginative world of Rachel Fenner"
"The Lune Valley from Source to estuary": paintings and prose by Ian Gardner, Graham Jones & Patrick Eyres
Paintings by Robert Clark, Alan Sekers, Priscilla Smith & Mark Wickendon
Norman Adams: A Retrospective Exhibition
"Room for Craft": Crafts in a Domestic Context by the Guild of Lakeland Craftsmen


Work on Progress: Ann Sutton, weaving
Recent Prints from Lowick House Print Workshop
Purchases made with aid of grants from the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation 1975-79
Paintings by Chris Andreae, Jenny Cowern & Ruth Roland
Jewellery by Ellis Palmer
Selection of Watercolours and Ceramics from the Eric Nicholson collection
Paintings by Ewart Johns and John McCracken
"The View Finders" (Lake District Topographical Exhibition)
Stanley Davies, Furniture Maker
Silver and Jewellery by Melanie Sproat & Jan Goodey
Chinese Exhibition: paintings, pottery and textiles: Shui Chien T'ung, Li Yuan Chia
"A Cold Wind Brushing he Temple": Drawings, paintings & Sculpture purchased by George Melly for the
Arts Council Collection
Paintings by Leyla Caetani & Allen Freer
"Artisan": Paintings by Derek Carruthers
Paintings by Charles Monkhouse
The Ryder Collection: Furniture on loan from Gawthorpe Hall


The Great Chain of Being: Harold Auty, Sarah Bryant, Nerys Johnson, Christopher Whitehead,
Josephine Whitehead
Alastair Morton - paintings, Ann Macbeth - tapestries and needlework, Arthur Simpson - furniture and
Sunderland Lustre
Helen Kapp Memorial Exhibition
"The Art of the Feltmaker"
Josh Nash: Paintings and Drawings, Selection of the Work of L.S. Lowry
The Cooper Family: Alfred Heaton Cooper, W. Heaton Cooper, Julian Cooper & Ros Conway
"The Living Room" Build of Lakeland Craftsmen, Paintings by Paul Martin, Roy Nicholson, Keith Wood
& Angela Verdon - porcelain


John Bratby: Retrospective
Gordon Young: Drawings
Architecture in the Landscape: Jim Billsborough, Arthur Butler, Peter Downing & others
F.H. Haagensen: Etchings
Estate Maps - lent by the Cumbria Record Office
Albert Richards Retrospective (Arts Council Exhibition)
Colin Rose: Paintings
Susan Jameson: Mezzotints
Alec & Susan Pearson, Patricia, John Cunnold
Exhibition mounted by the WWF
David R. Macaulay, Irene F. Priestley, Alan Tinley, Ralph D. Waterhouse
John Clark, Terence Connolly, Ruan McWilliam, Lancelot Ribeiro, Elizabeth Andrewes, Sunderland Lustre Exh


Portraits and Paintings by Bardy Crewdson Permanent Collection
English Creamware (V&W and local items)
Palozzi Exhibition (Arts Council)
Painters from Nature: Michael Bennett, Rory McEwen, Donald Wilkinson
Lancashire & Lakes Guild Weavers, Spinners and Dyers
Potters and Ceramic Artists: A. Caiger-Smith, Kate & David Greaves, Tobias Harrison, Victor Margrie,
Lucie Rie, G. Swindell. Embroidered Icons: E. Gilmartin
Silver Jubilee Exhibition (Silver from Elizabeth I to Elizabeth II, contemporary local silversmiths,
Documents from Cumbria Record Office)
Fourways-Bangles and Rings: Caroline Broadhead, Julia Manheim, Susanna Heron, Nuala Jamison
Paintings and Drawings by John Piper
Approaches to Landscape (A Miscellany of Paintings and Contemporary Photography): Paul Rogers,
Peter Osborne, L.A. Watson, Jim Manley, Anne Andeson, J.B. Jenkinson, Tom Oldham, Jean Worsley,
Cressida Pemberton-Pigot
Indian Paintings by Shanti Dutta, Wood Sculpture by Juginden Lamba, Ikats from South East Asia
Lowick House Printers


Inner Eye
Paintings by Sir Charles Holmes, Dr. T. Howard Somervell and Robin Wallace
David Hockney: Grimm's Fairy Tales, The Rake's Progress
Lady Anne Clifford Tercentenary
Paintings by Tony Phillips, John Virtue, Pauline Vivienne, Elizabeth Wood & Simon Cook
Paintings by the Family Marlin (to celebrate U.S.A. Bicentenary)
The Qashbai of Iran (Persian Tribal Art)
Paintings, Drawings, Prints by Percy Kelly
Carlisle College of Art
Paintings by Tim Allen, Sculpture by John Corby, Prints by Chris Mansell
Pages and Fuses by Robert Rauschenberg (Arts Council)
Space: Paul Cooper, Ronald King, Tony Longson, Joanna Morland, Terence Pope
Northern Primitives
Paintings by Audrey Smith, Stephen Crowther


Young Cumbria Art Exhibition
Miscellany: Margaret Berkowitz, Mary Dobson, Chris & Jenny Walter
Old Paintings & Patels by Fred Yates and Mary Yates
European Architectural Heritage Year Exhibition
Paintings by Anuta Puigcerver-Rumbold
Kendal Grammar School 450th Anniversary
W.I. Craft: Past and Present
The Romans in the North
Elizabethan Coinage
The Artists' Kendal
Elizabeth R.
Max Ernst: Prints, Collages & Drawings, Arts Council
Life & Trade, 1750-1930
Paintings & Drawings by Tim Dearden
In Imitation of the Chinese, English Blue & White Ceramics
State, Welsh Arts Council


Art Nouveau Textiles
The Makers
Chris Jennings, Fabian Peake, Tony Smith
7 Modern Potters
Imaginary Landscapes: R.O. Bagot
Permanent Collection
Contemporary Hangings: 5 Sculptors
Watercolours and Drawings of Lakeland by John Harden
Landscape and Flower Paintings of the Lake District
Cinzano Glass
After Many a Summer: Etchings
Atmosphere: Da Fano Naylor, Reynolds
Silver by R.A. Somervell
Winnie the Pooh


The Casual Eye (Northern Arts)
John Sell Cotman
Tutors at Carlisle College of Art and Design
John Busby, Alan Gummerson & John Virue
Two Views of Kendal (Art Council) Jeff Hoare and Max Modie
Hilde Goldschmidt
Paintings by Tom Mellor
Four Kendal Portrait Painters Bernard Eyre-Walker Retrospective
Permanent Collection Small Paintings (Arts Council)
The Websters of Kendal
London Porcelain
Paintings from the Fylde Coast


Works on Canvas and Paper by Dave Buss, Jim Dales and Caroline McMichael
John Constable: A Lakeland Tour and other sketches
Contemporary Hangings: Olivia Johnson, John Trinick
Glass Today
Prints by R. Storr & G. Tomkinson
Kinetic Lightboxes by Dick Woods
Anne Hirsch-Henecka
Norman Adams
William Johnstone
Prints and Drawings of the Antarctic
Edward Wilson Centenary
Claude Harrison
Crabtree, Knowles, Phillips, Riding, Wild
L.D.N.T. 10th Anniversary


John Bratby Paintings
Watercolours by J.M.W. Turner (lent by the British Museum)
Flowers and Birds: early prints lent by Captain H. Moore, paintings by Anna Adams & Guy Barton, Flower
Prints from the V&A
Paintings by Bryan Day, Malcolm Fryer & Brian Plummer
Helen Sutherland Exhibition (Arts Council Exhibition)
Permanent Exhibition
Kendal Photographic Society: Concrete Poetry
Paintings: Nancy Howarth
Paintings and Drawings: W.G. & E.M.D. Collingwood, Lowes D. Luard
Embroidery Pictures: K.D. Barker
Turcoman of Iran
Paintings by Geoffrey Bennet, Julian Cooper and Robin C Dale
A. Wainwright: Drawings


Alpha Group: Four Painters, One Sculptor
Northern Print Makers
Dorothy Bordass, Audrey Smith, Helen Bradley: Paintings
Francis Kirk: Embroidery
Guy Barton: Drawings of Leven Park
Woodsworth (Arts Council Exhibition)
British Painting 1964-1967
Czecholsovakian Cartoons
Sculpture and Painting: John Hoskin & Michael Tyzack
Royal Watercolour Society
New Ceramics
Conservation Exhibition: Trees in town and Country, Lake District Naturalist Trust, Books on the
lake district
Open Sculpture 1970 (Mid-Pennine Association)
Paul Hogarth
Paintings: Ray Mutimer
Ceramics: Barry Gregson, Eric Mellon, David Vaughan
Contemporary Hangings
Work by Training College Art Tutors
Friends Loan Scheme Pictures
Drawings: A. Wainwright
Permanent Collection


Ivon Hitchens (Art Exhibitions Bureau)
Dennis Westwood
Permanent Collection
Heritage: Animal & Ships on Rug & Canvas
20th Century Theatre Design
Paintings: Michael Bennet, George Canon, Peter Downing
Sculpture: Penny Wheatley
Winifred Nicholson & Geoffrey Bennet: Paintings
Leicester Education Committee: Pictures and Sculpture (Mr Mason)
Ruskin Exhibition
Chinese Exhibition: Paintings, Ceramics & Silks
Tiffany Glass - Elton Ware - English Embroideries (V&A)
Work by Lancaster Art School part-time students
Roman Pottery from Brougham
Paintings by David Hartnup, Drawings by A. Wainwright


Purchases 1962-7 by helen Kapp
Finds from Kendal Castle Excavation 1967
Kendal Civic Society Competition
Ceramics & Silks, Stoneware & Porcelain: including work by Lucie Rie, Sekers Fabrics Ltd
Norman Adams & Basil Rocke
Kendal Photographic Society
8 Painters and Sculptors of Lakeland
Romantic Spirit in English Watercolours (V&A)
Paintings from the Piccadilly Gallery, London
Cumbrian Characters: An Exhibition of Famous People in the Lake District
Alfred Wallis (Arts Council)
Venetian Glass (V&A)
World Wild Life: photographs taken by H.R.H. The Duke of Edinburgh Francis Kelly
Alexander Inglis & Bruce Clapperton


Permanent Collection
Japanese Architecture & Household Objects (Arts Council)
Japanese Colour Prints 28th & 19th Century
Operation Neptune
Permanent Collection
Paintings by Souza, John Tobin & Graham Metson and Sculpture
West African Sculpture (Arts Council Exhibition)
Industrial Art - Newcomen Society
20th Century European Painting
Lakeland Art & Artists 18-20th Century
Contemporary Wall Hangings: Tapestries by Theo Moorman
1000 Years of Persian Art
Permanent Collection
Musical Boxes and Barrel Organs


Icelandic Painters
Permanent Collection
Beatrix Potter Centenary
Marine Paintings
Sculpture by Henry Moore
"From North to South": Paintings by Druie Bowett, Chester Williams, Jean-George Simon
Open Exhibition 1966
Geoffrey Berry: Photographs
Westmorland W.I. Scrapbooks
Paintings of Northern Counties: Peter Brooke
Art by boys attending courses at Brathay Hall Centre
Elizabeth Allen: Patchwork Pictures
Paintings, Sculpture and English Prints: New Acquisitions
Prints of French Impressionists (V&A)


New Paintings in the Permanent Collection
Paintings, Drawings and Etchings by Bernard Eyre-Walker & T. Howard Somervell
Walker & T. Howard Somervell
The Rake's Progress: Etchings by David Hockney
British Painting (Arts Council)
Children at Work, 19th Century Toys and Games
Willy Tirr: Paintings & Watercolours, Bill Wilkinson: Sculpture
G. L. Brownson Memorial Exhibition
10 Modern Potters
British Studio Pottery 19th & 20th Century (V&A)
Sheila Fell: Paintings
Josef Hermann: Drawings
Students' Work from Lancaster School of Art
Eminent Amateurs
Landscapes of the Lake District, Permanent Collection
European Arms & Armour (V&A), Part of the R. Parr Arms Collection


Permanent Collection
Lui Shu Kwan: Chinese Paintings
Alastair Morton Memorial Exhibition
Open Exhibition
L.S. Lowry: Paintings & Drawings, Abbot Hall Acquisition
European & African Musical Instruments (V&A, Horiman Museums)
"Music and Musicians": Drawings by Edmond Kapp
Bird Engravings: Print by Audubon & Gould
Vision & Reality: The Helen Sutherland Collection
Old Master Drawing (from the Springell's Collection)
Schwitters in the Lake District
Illuminated Manuscripts (V&A)
New Paintings in the Permanent Collection


Arts of India (V&A)
Austin Wright: Sculpture
John Duguid: Paintings
Kendal Art Society
Freedom from Hunger
Early English Watercolours (V&A)
Permanent Collection
New Acquisitions
Sculpture & Sculptors' Drawings
Colin Saxton: Paintings
Pottery Figures (V&A)
British Paintings before 1940
Permanent Collection
20th Century Scottish Painting
New Acquisitions and Loans
English Embroideries 17th, 18th & 19th C (V&A)
Embroidery and Collage, 20th Century
Canadian Eskimo Art


Japanese Prints
Daniel Gardner: Paintings 1750-1805
Seven Modern British Painters
Epstein Bronzes
First Acquisitions
Arts of India (V&A)
Austin Wright: Sculpture

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  • Boyle Family: Contemporary Archaeology exhibition in 2015