Manifesto of A Centre of Attention

A Centre of Attention will:

  • Support Risk
  • Allow Interaction
  • Enable participation
  • Offer a choice
  • Demonstrate alternate practices
  • Be flexible
  • Be a space to share ideas
  • Support people to fight against a label
  • Represent outsiders
  • Welcome in neighbours
  • Ask why ‘I don’t fit in?’
  • Be dynamic
  • Reveal the community within
  • Help everyone get involved
  • Be small but powerful
  • Offer a space to belong
  • Provide a sanctuary
  • Seek an audience or not
  • Be co-produced
  • Not be ‘us versus them’
  • Be centred sometimes
  • Ask Who cares?
  • Offer opportunities for learning
  • Put creativity first
  • Take place in many places
  • Be mobile
  • Matter
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