Lady Anne Clifford among Early Modern Women Writers Lecture

Tuesday 17 July, 7.00 - 8.00pm

As part of University of Huddersfield's conference on Lady Anne Clifford, Professor Mihoko Suzuki will be delivering this talk at Abbot Hall entitled "Lady Anne Clifford among Early Modern Women Writers."

The talk will begin by placing Lady Anne Clifford in the context of the women writers who were her contemporaries in England. These were Mary Sidney Herbert, Aemilia Lanyer, and Margaret Cavendish. Professor Suzuki will go on to explore the woman writer who is most comparable to Clifford and was active across the channel, in France: Anne-Marie Louise d’Orléans, duchess of Montpensier, whose memoirs, portraits, and architectural projects, illuminate the predicament of an aristocratic woman who opposed the patriarchal order buttressed by monarchism in early modern Europe.

A limited number of tickets have been made available to Abbot Hall.
Tickets are £10 Standard or £7.50 Friends.

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