WG Collingwood, A Winter Rainbow, Coniston Fells, 1929

WG Collingwood

Display: 16 January - 2 May 2015

The son of a watercolour artist, William Gershom Collingwood (1854-1932) studied at University College, Oxford where he met John Ruskin, whose secretary he later became and with whom he shared a wide range of interests. Collingwood travelled extensively, sketching as he went, and after studying at the Slade School of Art, moved to the Lake District where he wrote extensively about the Lakes, Icelandic sagas and Norse mythology, as well as publishing a biography on Ruskin in 1893. He was an accomplished artist, founding the Lake Artists Society in 1904 and serving as Professor of Fine Art at the University of Reading from 1907-11. 

This display of 15 works will present a small sample of the hundreds of watercolours by Collingwood that Lakeland Arts holds in its collection. The majority of these were given, and later bequeathed, by Collingwood’s granddaughter, Janet Gnosspelius, and give a taste of the many accomplishments of this incredibly gifted man, whose paintings, writings and research continue to influence and inspire today.

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  • WG Collingwood, A Winter Rainbow, Coniston Fells, 1929


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