Tony Bevan - Works From Deptford, 1982 - 2002

14 April - 26 June 2003

This exhibition brings together for the first time the full range of Bevan's figure paintings - from his earliest self-portraits of the 1980's through progressive stages of distortion and abstraction, in which the 'head' is stretched and twisted, observed from extreme and unusual angles and eventually broken down into its component parts. There are a number of works not previously seen, as well as a group of drawings from his studio.

Tony Bevan is one of the most important figurative painters currently working in London. Since his first 'breakthrough' exhibition at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London in 1987, he has rapidly gained recognition and critical acclaim for his distincitive portrayals of the human figure, which take their place within the long tradition of figurative painting in London.

Bevan has been seen by some as representing the next generation who are taking forward the work of those artists commonly known as the 'School of London'. However while he appears to follow the 'traditional' path of a figure painter, Bevan's work is strikingly modern and uses the expressive power and conceptual possiblities of painting, to reveal the nature of the contemporary human experience.

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