Pottery by William Plumptre

19 November - 22 December 2000

William Plumptre makes outstanding decorative stoneware, including teapots, large plates, bowls, bottles and vases, often faceted with iron oxide Japanese brushwork. Plumptre was born and raised in the south, but chose to make his home in Hartsop near Patterdale in the Lake District.

In 1985, having studied ceramic design at Chelsea College of Art, William Plumptre was persuaded by a Japanese potter friend to go to Japan where he was fortunate to study under the master potter Tatsuzo Shmaoka. The training regime was rigorous and repetitive, but Plumptre was able to return to Britain with a great knowledge and understanding of the processes and possibilities of working with clay and glazes.

In 1987 Plumptre set up his first pottery in Hartsop where he built his own oil-fired kiln in the outbuildings of a traditional stone built Lakeland farmhouse. From his pottery in this idyllic rural setting Plumptre makes strong stoneware pots which bear traces of Japanese influence in their form and decoration. Texture is introduced with rope impressions, cobalt and copper slips are applied and other techniques such as fluting, combing, scraffito and brushwork can be seen in the beautiful and varied pots of William Plumptre.

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