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Nicola Hicks: Sculpture, Drawing and Light

18 January - 9 March 2005

Nicola Hicks (b.1960) is one of Britain's foremost sculptors. Studying at Chelsea School of Art in the late 1970s before taking an MA at the Royal College of Art, her work focused on animal forms at a time when figurative sculpture was unfashionable. Today, the physical presence of her work sets her apart from the conceptual experiments of many of her contemporaries.

One of the most striking aspects of Hicks's work is her idiosyncratic use of plaster and straw in large-scale sculpture, materials which she discovered early in her career. The viscous texture and rough finish of the medium allow Hicks to bring the ‘'sketchy', handled qualities of drawing into her sculpture.

Inspired by her experience of working and travelling abroad, particularly in India and Australia, many of Hicks's sculptures possess a dark and peculiar narrative in their lively, expressive poses and sometimes suggestive titles.

Over the past twenty years, Hicks's work has grown in scale and ambition. It is particularly apt that she will be showing at Abbot Hall, since she recently uprooted her life and work in London to move to a working farm in the windswept Cumbrian countryside.

On display at Abbot Hall will be fourteen of Nicola Hicks's sculptures including several recent works, one of which will be shown for the first time. The exhibition will also include a selection of her dynamic charcoal sketches, giving an invaluable insight into the artist's working practice.

The exhibition has been organised in collaboration with the artist, and is exclusive to Abbot Hall. It will be accompanied by a new illustrated colour catalogue including an essay by William Packer and an interview with the artist.

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