Fabric: Reinterpreting the House

15 October – 21 December 2002

Fabric is an exhibition of work by fourteen contemporary visual artists who have taken their inspiration from the unique environment of Abbot Hall- its structure, history and cultural context. The artists work within a diverse range of media, including photography, painting, drawing and installations. Through their work, they have created connections with the physical space of Abbot Hall and its wonderful collection of paintings, furniture and objects.

In addition to the visible ‘fabric’ of the house, the artists are also responding to the inspirational landscape of the Lake District, to the people who lived in and around Abbot Hall, and to the trades that made the area one time so wealthy, but which have now largely disappeared.

The exhibition is curated by artist Jane Langley, who has recently curated SHOWCASE at Pitshanger Manor, Ealing and LOOP at the Bankfield Museum, Halifax.

Exhibiting Artists: Rachel Bracha, Peter Dukes, Nicky Hirst, Jane Langley, Dave Mabb, Paula Mettler, Simon Morley, Kathleen Mullaniff, Kate Scrivener, Gary Simmonds, Finlay Taylor, Miranda Whall, Jennifer Wright, Elaine Wilson.

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