Callum Innes

28 September - 24 December 1999

An exhibition of paintings by the Scottish abstract artist Callum Innes with a group of watercolours made specifically for the exhibition spaces at Abbot Hall.

lnnes, winner of the 1998 prestigious NatWest Art Prize, has become widely recognised for the original contribution he has made to the tradition of abstract painting, In his watercolours he repetitively floats a wash of pigment across the paper then wipes off part of it, gradually working to intensify the hue of the painting.

The results of this continual play with translucence and opacity, reflect presence and absence, exposure and concealment.

Callum Innes was born in Edinburgh in 1962, where he now lives and works. He was shortlisted for both the Turner Prize and the Jerwood painting prize in 1995 and he has exhibited widely throughout Britain and Europe.

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